Текст песни SandStarCat - Soulmates

You called out my name when I was seventeen. I was with my brother, with my elder twing. I think I can find you right now, right today. I say this to him while he's asking to stay. He won't understand that you're calling me out, He won't even know what it's all is about. This secret was stolen behind our backs, It has our souls and it has our legs. I just need to find you. I need to make sure That you are alright and stil childish pure. I hope that you're feeling right now just the same. There's no need to seek 'cause you already came. My heart is filled up and your eyes are so clear. I gave up my soul and I gave up my fear. I give you my ffelings, I give you my heart. I know you're nkt going to nreak it apart.
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