Текст песни Sandy Denny - Stay awhile with me

It seems that loving is a game that I can't win. No sooner are you here than gone again. Is there nothing I can say To change your mind and stay Alone with you? Is all I long to be. Will you stay awhile with me? I've often gazed into my crystal ball To find out if you think of me at all. But there's no reason why You should even try, For there's nothing I can give as you can see, If you stay awhile with me. Stay awhile with me, And I will show you I'm true. Stay awhile with me That's all I'm asking you to do. I see you in the street lamp's rusty gleam. It casts a magic spell as in a dream. The night is growing old, Come in from the cold. I'll lock the door and throw away the key, If you stay awhile with me.
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