Текст песни Sara Bareilles - Someone Who Loves Me

Could I rest here for a whileNear that medal 'round your neckSt. Jude's wearing a smileHe wouldn't mind I betI can't go face the worldMy bones won't hold me upSo tell the saint of lost souls where to find meSoftly sleeping here in the deep end of someone who loves meYou'll let me cry it outBecause you know that sometimes I can't stop andStill I'm seeking howTo stand up when the bottom dropsThe weight of all the worldCan blind me to its beautyBut every time I need to be remindedI know you will and say you're still someone who loves me

I try to push it down but it comes back faster and harderTides are changing on a dime and I'm just trying to keep my head above the water...Surrender's just a wordTill you try it outAnd see how hard it is to hurtWith someone else aroundI'm the worst I've ever beenAfraid of almost everythingThe skies are clear but storms are always comin'Your gift to meIs just to beBracing for the winds I always summonMy home, my heartThank God you areSomeone who loves me
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