Текст песни Sarah Vaughan - An Occasional Man

I've got an island in the PacificAnd everything about it is terrific;I've got the sun to tan mePalms to fan meAnd an occasional man!I've got an island, it's very lazyIf I should ever leave it I'd be crazy!I've got papayas, peachesSandy beachesAnd an occasional man!When I go swimmin'I am always dressed in style'Cause I go swimmin'Wearin' just a great big smile! My little island was made for pleasure

And in the cool of evening it's a treasure;And when the hour grows laterWhat is greaterThan an occasional man!If you're on shore leaveAnd your face is kinda cutePerhaps, by your leaveI can be you passion fruit!My little island is such a beautyYou may forget to heed the call of duty;But if you give the slipTo your shipMiss your tripTake a tipAnd blame An occasional dame!
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