Текст песни Sarah Vaughan - Black Coffee

I'm feelin' mighty lonesomeHaven't slept a wink;I walk the floor and wipes the doorAnd in between I drinkBlack coffeeLove's a hand-me-down brewI'll never know a Sunday in this weekday roomI'm talkin' to the shadowsOne o'clock till fourAnd Lord, how slow the moments goWhen all I do is pourBlack coffeeSince the blues caught my eye;I'm hangin' out on Monday My Sunday dreams to dry

Now a man is born to go a-lovin'And a woman's born to weep and fretTo stay at home and tend her ovenAnd down her past regretsIn coffee and cigarettesI'm moanin' all the mornin'Moanin' all the nightAnd in between it's nicotineAnd not much hard to fightBlack coffeeFeelin' low as the groundIt's drivin' me crazyThis waitin' for my babyTo maybe come around
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