Текст песни Sarah Vaughan - Do It Again

You really shouldn't have done itYou hadn't any rightI really shouldn't have let youKiss meAnd although it was wrongI never was strongSo as long as you've begun itAnd you know you shouldn't have done it OhDo it againI may say no no no no noBut do it againMy lips just acheTo have you take the kissThat's waiting for youYou know if you doYou won't regret itCome and get itOh

No one is nearI may cry oh oh oh oh ohBut no one can hearMamma may scold meCoz' she told meIt was naughty but thenPleaseDo it againYes do it againAnd again and again and again and again and againTurn out the lightAnd hold me closeIn your armsAll through the nightI know tomorrow morningYou will sayGoodbye and AmenBut until thenPlease do it again
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