Текст песни Sarah Vaughan - I'm Glad There Is You

Said I many timesLove is illusionA feeling result of confusionWith knowing smileAnd blase sighA cynical so-and-so was II feel so sureSo positiveSo utterly unchangingly certainThat I never was awareOf loving you'Til suddenly I realizedThere was love and you and IIn this world of ordinary people

Extraordinary peopleI'm glad there is youIn this world of over-rated pleasuresOf under-rated treasuresI'm so glad there is youI live to love, I love to live with you beside meThis role so new, I'll muddle through with you to guide me[2x:]In this world where many, many play at loveAnd hardly any stay in loveI'm glad there is youMore than ever, I'm glad there is you
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