Текст песни Sarah Vaughan - I've Got a Crush on You

How glad the many millionsOf Jonathan's and William'sWould be to capture meBut you had such persistenceYou wore down my resistanceI fell and it was swellYou're my bigAnd brave and handsome RomeoHow I won you I shall never, never knowIt's not that you're attractive

But oh, my heart grew activeWhen you came into viewI've got a crush on you, sweetie pieAll the day and nighttime, hear me sighI never had the least notionThat I could fall with so much emotion[2x:]Could you coo, could you careFor a cunning cottage we could shareThe world will pardon my mush'Cause I've got a crush, my baby, on you
Слова и текст песни Sarah Vaughan - I've Got a Crush on You принадлежит его авторам.

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