Текст песни Sarah Vaughan - Poor Butterfly

There's a story told of a little JapaneseSitting demurely 'neath the cherry blossom treesMiss Butterfly's her nameA sweet little innocent child was she'Till a fine young American from the seaTo her garden cameThey met 'neath the cherry blossoms everydayAnd he taught her how to love the American wayTo love with her soul t'was easy to learnThen he sailed away with a promise to returnPoor Butterfly'Neath the blossoms waiting

Poor ButterflyFor she loved him soThe moments pass into hoursThe hours pass into yearsAnd as she smiles through her tearsShe murmurs lowThe moon and I know that he'll be faithfulI'm sure he'll come to me by and byBut if he won't come backThen I'll never sigh or cryI just must diePoor Butterfly
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