Текст песни Sarah Vaughan - Someone to Watch over Me

There's a saying oldSays that love is blindStill we're often told"Seek and ye shall find"So I'm going to seekA certain ladI've had in mindLooking everywhereHaven't found him yetHe's the big affairI cannot forgetOnly man I ever thinkOf with regretI'd likeTo add his initalTo my monogramTell meWhere is the shepherdFor this lost lamb?There's a somebodyI'm longin' to seeI hope that he turns

Out to beSomeone to watch over meI'm a little lambWho's lost in the woodI know I couldAlways be goodTo oneWho'll watch over meAlthough he mayNot be the man someGirls thinkOf as handsomeTo my heartHe carries the key[2x:]Won't you tell him pleaseTo put on some speedFollow my leadOh, how I needSomeone to watch over meSomeone to watch over me
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