Текст песни Saxon - Party 'til You Puke

Come on everybodyTonight it's party timeGrab a bottle or a crateLeave your blues behindYou're gonna need the cavalryTo get you outta hereThe last time that we had oneIt lasted for a yearWe're gonna partyParty till u puke(These people are sick)We're gonna partyParty till u pukeTill u puke

Don't worry about the neighboursThey're blind drunk in the looThere'll be no trouble from the police'Cos they're all in here tooWe got the music cranked right upIt's blowing off the roofThere's people drinking gasolineIt must be two hundred proofWe're gonna partyParty till u puke(Will someone get me outta here?)We're gonna partyParty till u pukeTill u puke(These people are weird!)
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