Текст песни Scratch Acid - Crazy Dan

This guy doused his wife in gasoline Then he went and he set the bitch on fire You see Crazy Dan was the name of the man He was pretty much a high strung jerk and a liar She didn`t die just right away She smoldered and she cried And Dan the loon was heard to say I considered it a matter of pride Dan was such a stormy man Apparently took all he could stand So after dinner on that mournfull night He tied her to a stake Put to use a fucking god damn shit ass son of a bitch And set ablaze her golden locks thus emersed himself in sin Being as how they lived on a farm miles away from nowhere Dan felt safe in his fiendish deed and figured no one would be aware Now dan was sweatin from the heat of the woman Her flames all bright and glowin Alas the spectacle had a spectator Someone peeked without Dan knowing This peeking person no person at all was the figure of Dan`s own conscience But meanwhile beside his blazing bride Dan laughed and grunted grunts Dan watched her fry with a gleam in his eye what a crackpot daffy loon Course at that time Dan wouldn`t guess he`d be getting his soon For a couple of days Dan`s conscience was there Just hanging around the house Started to infect Dan`s little head With the memory of sizzled spouse Dan was crazy as crazy can be He began to be affected For in his fucked brain and heartless heart Some guilt was left unprotected He`d pase the floor and pull his hair and cry alone at night For now he knew the one thing to do was the one thing that was right They took him away in a paddy wagon now he`s locked up tight So if you`re married to an unbalanced man, best not ask for a light
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