Текст песни Serenity - Heaven

Been to war, so far awayBut now my journey endsCaged alone, nights kill the daysBeen tortured and offendI've tried to reach you, to find back homeI'm faithful to my vowAll these years are dead and goneI don't want to end this nowI close my eyes, to see your faceDivided hearts embracedHere I stand aloneAnd waiting for your loveHeaven, heaven, where you belongI never dreamed that someone could save me from my darkYou're my guide toHeaven, heaven, where love can be trueCause there's no place on earthFor me and youYou've been to war

So far awayFelt you here like everWaiting years like caged alone not the time to end it nowCrying tears, hope casts awayDay by day I chase the sunUntil you will find your wayHeaven, heavenJust days to hold onAn endless dream,Time to awaken from my dark hold my hand inHeaven, heaven, is closeEven through years our love's still strongMy heart's at this place where you belongHeaven, heaven,Where we belongAn endless dream,It's time that we save us from our dark we are close toHeaven, heaven is closeEven through years our love's still strong our heartsAt this place where we belongOur hearts at this place where we belong.
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