Текст песни Serious Black - Emotional Blackmail

Think you can master a thousand faceI know a man who wrote a better lineThink you can tell another lieYou make me think the blame is mineWell, I'm certainly not blamelessAnd I'm really not a saintBut I'm telling you this timeJust this once[Chorus:]I'm doing this for everyoneI'm doing this for everyoneLost within themselvesWith dreams that won't come trueWe catch another rainbowI'm telling youI'm doing this for everyoneWhen your dream is done(Doing this for everyone)I'll give you mineOh, for everyoneUntil the end of timeOh, for everyoneOh, for everyoneCan we tell a paradise from hellWhen you're running out of timeIs there a lesson to be learnedFrom a tyrant of the timeAnd the mountains that we climbI don't have the patience of a saint

Can't forgive a million times in oneSo I tell you this just onceI'm doing this, doing this for[Chorus:]EveryoneAnd when your dream is gone(Doing this for everyone)I give you mineOh, for everyoneHere until the end of timeDoing this, ah, for everyoneOh, for everyone[Chorus:]And now your dream's alive(Doing this for everyone)I can't believe it was mine(Oh, for everyone)Oh, then every dream's aliveDoing this for everyoneFor everyoneAh, for everyoneOh, for everyone[Outro:]I hear the ticking of the clockAnother line sung by someone elseNo matter where you are tonightDoesn't matter, I just tell you onceThis is for everyoneBut you
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