Текст песни Shooting star - Compassion

Girl the street's not your friendBut the things that happened at homeJust had to endAnd gone, that little girl smileIf only someone could hold youJust for a whileAnd show some compassion in your lifeShow some compassion we know that it's rightHe's just a boy, a child of the streetWill he ever be given a chance,A chance to competeAnd pride, like a badge on his heartIf we'd only give him the chanceTo make a new startShow some compassion in your lifeShow some compassion, we know that is rightShow some compassion in your life

And baby, show some compassion, you knowWhat it's likeOh love, it's easy to sayBut there's a tear in the eye of a childThat won't wash awayAnd lost like a dream in the nightIt seems we're alwaysTaking for grantedThe things in our livesSo show some compassion,Shine your lightShow some compassion, you know that it's rightWe've got to show some compassion in our livesBaby, show some compassion,We know that it's rightShow some compassionShow some compassion,Shine your light
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