Текст песни Silent Planet - Depths III

I knew one truth And that truth was the sea Cold and knowing they saw the coward in me And as the stain of the epochs lines my tongue I choked heavy on the past Too numb to speak back We’re each abandoned by the hands of time That set us down to set circles across a straight line Sister moon, are we all that’s left? Just a silent satellite and the sigh of flesh Come down! And rest your lunar head on my breast Listen to the terror tear in my chest Our masts in tatters, oars shattered Feel free to pull me back to the vast, unforgiving mess Should we call this art — My falling apart? The tangents of an imbalanced heart As matter, multiplied I divide But I digress The deprivation is taking offence You said if I stood against my darkness Not all of me would die But all I see on the surface is a shadow And it occurs to me, this could mean suicide When you went quiet I turned to silence Seven sisters, draw me back across the moor

Could you still love me in my leaving? Would you remember me by the moments we forgot? And as the waves slapped at my raft I curse the fate — like our vows they broke at the bow Flanked by the mist I inhaled the breath of existence That you call me for one last time: I am the wind — the be and the still I am the Depths, the unmeasurable Will And when I awoke in the garden Lord, did you see me as I was dreaming?! I locked eyes with the storm The sky sank down to receive the fury of the sea The abolition of my being The precipice of eternity Incandescent bursts through the black The veil was torn as the void collapsed The rain will subside Be my eyes, Show me hope in the maw of the night Our fractured pasts fall into one A dozen stars collide as a perpetual sun And as we disintegrate into our graves Will you be the Fire that burns in my lungs? Breathe me in, watch me burn Come breathe me in Breathe me in You’ll watch me burn
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