Текст песни Silver Metre - Ballad of a Well-Known Gun*

I pulled out my Stage Coach Times And I read the latest news I tapped my feet in dumb surprise And of course I saw they knew The Pinkertons they pulled out my bags And asked me for my name I stuttered out my answer And hung my head in shame Now they've found me, At last they've found me It's hard to run From a starving family Now they've found me, I won't run I'm tired of hearing There goes a well-known gun Now I've seen this chain gang, Lord I say let me see my priest I couldn't have faced your desert sand, Old burning brown backed beast The poor house they hit me for my kin, And claimed my crumbling walls Now I know how Reno felt When he ran from the law * – Кавер на композицию Ballad of a Well-Known Gun в оригинальном исполнении Elton John
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