Текст песни Simple Plan - Singing in the rain

I’m reading through the Sunday paper And it’s all bad news I’m looking for a smile on the streets But it’s just no use (Sing with me now…) I jump into my car, turn the key, But it just won’t start I got a text from my ex, It’s official she just broke my heart Storm clouds are circling around But I won’t let that shit drag me down So I’ll be singing I’ll be singing in the rain I’ve got a song in my heart And I’m bulletproof There’s nothing in the world That’s gonna kill this mood No matter what life wants to throw my way I’ll be singing in the rain I went to see a fortune teller And she said I’m doomed But what the hell does she know Why she trying to break my groove All of life’s colors turn to gray Then you turn around and you smile my way Suddenly all my problems Disappear on cue (All because of you) Even when things shake, earthquake, No one can never steal this smile Even if they pay me. And see lately, It's been crazy, But it's okay alright, see everything worthy. And we living life in fast lane, No matter what, I won't change. Rock city, no pretty, tell them what, I'm not stop playing. And I'm feeling good, feeling great, No matter what, it won't see me break. In the rain singing this tune, 'Cause life is what I appreciate.
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