Текст песни Sins of Thy Beloved, The - A Tormented Soul

My own little world I hide awayI feel no pain I hide awayNever to talkAnd never to walk no moreThis is my fate this is my choiceI have ruined your lifeNever to talkAnd never to walk no moreI've played like a foolThis is my lifeI take it all backNever to talkAnd never to walk no moreI vanish through the nightI travel through my lifeI am sinking in the earthNever to talk and never to walk no more

In the shadows of a tormented soulThere conceals a murky thresholdEldritch phantasm revealsThe yearning for infinitude invadesMy beloved tremble in fearMy detest against thee who's a plaguerFinally there is peace in thine soulMy resurge will reveal ye fateIn the misty twilight I appearInvisible I conquerSolely I fade with the winterSolely I reveal my secretsInfinitude I conceal in thy phantasmInfinitude my phantasm is of theeIn my grandeur I proceed my voyageIn my grandeur my resurge is of theeMy resurge will sway through dimensionsMy resurge will reflect thine demeanour

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