Текст песни Sins of Thy Beloved, The - Forever

Way up at the mighty mountainsDeep into the woodsWe are gathered and we are backAt last the night is oursTonight our shadows dancingIn the light of a fireThis night is to be rememberedThis night we'll free our soulsTonight we are all togetherTonight we all leave togetherWhen the darkness falls we are on our wayTonight we are all togetherTonight we'll leave togetherThis is our dream forever

Now we are leavingIn the mighty woods I wanderThrough the trees thou can see my shadowBy the cold wind in my skinI behold my throne for thee my sorrowNow the symphony plays my songMy voice thou hear in the nightI will never leave for no one else in my lifeAnd now we are up togetherAnd soon we'll dance foreverSing my choir let this night be rememberedNow my angel sing for the darknessForever dancing in this cold winternight
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