Текст песни Skillet - Imperfection

You're worth so much it'll never be enough To see what you have to give How beautiful you are yet seem so far From everything you're wanting to be You're wanting to be Tears falling down again Tears falling down [Chorus:] You fall to your knees, you beg, you plead Can I be somebody else For all the times I hate myself? Your failures devour your heart in every hour You're drowning in your imperfection You mean so much that heaven would touch The face of humankind for you How special you are revel in your day You're fearfully and wonderfully made You're wonderfully made Tears falling down again Come let the healing begin [Chorus] You're worth so much so easily crushed Wanna be like everyone else No one escapes every breath we take Dealing with our own skeletons, skeletons [Chorus] Won't you believe, yeah, won't you believe, yeah All the things I see in you You're not the only one, you're not the only one Drowning in imperfection
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