Текст песни Skrillex - Lets Get Down

Ain't fuckin' with the flow, ho you can tell them that Housin' on these monkeys I should wear a fuckin' yellow hat Curious george, the realest nigga involved My closet is like a mall, I be bombin' your car My blunt is not a cigar, hold up, we blowin' loud So tell 'em if they ain't sippin'?, it's goin' down Bitch I'm faded, I'm faded, I'm mo' fuckin' faded My audience a cross 'tween don, diva, and fade 'em Man you playin', you playin', the latest wale is Kris kringle to women, call 'em hoes, give 'em game, yeah Six hundred benz, I got six million kicks I know I'm lyin' and all, but I had you thinkin' a bit And I can't keep you too long, but yo you see how it get? Ain't always thinkin' what I'm drinkin' but still think you the shit Jordan 42s, these bitches ogs I think I'm just blazed, ghost-faced, snow beach And I'm odin', homie I'm ultra league Star trek shorty girl, see my bitches come in peace Oh, hold it though

We all throwed, but you know I'm 'bout to order mo' [Break] Critics, get with us, I told you I would kill it All my niggas the realest, all my women friendly strippers So we give it to live it, so pardon my position Panties two hundred dollars, got dollars worth of a penny I drink too much and I don't give a fuck If I buy another joint I'm liable to need a crutch I ain't stuntin', no promoter, they party need a nudge It's if I pop in then pop out, we gon' party on the bus, what Roll the weed up, shorty let her breathe out I like the women with dirty thoughts and a clean house A dirty mouth and a very clean everything else And a bad lesbian that she gon' need help Double u, leave 'em at the w Ain't gon' never be the one cause see I am the number two They might fall in love with you, tell you stuff that never true My favorite bitch they kissin', whack, fuckin' fun, head is cool
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