Текст песни Sky Ferreira - Guardian

[Verse 1] Always thought I needed a guardian And now that I've got one, I wanna be free I don't wanna live my life unhappily I'm locked up in chains, laid down on the floor [?] I'm not for a cry, I'm not gonna be No matter how hard it might be [Chorus] I wanna be free From the dark that lives deep inside of me Free from all the eyes I see watching over me Don't want you to be there Don't want you to care for me anymore I wanna be free of the guardian I am the guardian [Verse 2] That small time with you that I'm looking forward Was nothing I like [?] So feel like a child, somewhere within Nothing underneath the skin Too tired to live, too tired to die So I just stay high I just wanna be in spite of [?] Should I just keep trying? [Chorus] (2x) [Outro] I am the guardian I am the guardian I am the guardian
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