Текст песни Slaves - Hypnotised

Oh a glassy eyed stare, a passing ideaHold on just a minute, let me stop you right therePick yourself up boy, dust yourself downNothing going on in this imaginery townItalian cars, reality stars, fuck noFuck no, no thank youVideo games, eating your brainsTransmitters controlling the perceptions of painFeelings are reduced, need another boostNeck another can, satisfy your sweet toothExclusive bars, reality stars, fuck noNo, no thanksHypnotised (TV)Hypnotised (HD)Hypnotised (3G)Spending time dribblingSo the mouth goes slack, no turning backSpine turns to liquid, the room turns blackOh what a waste, what a catastropheOh what a world, oh what a tragedy

Reality stars, fuck noPush up bras, reality stars, nuhHypnotised (TV)Hypnotised (HD)Hypnotised (3G)Spending time droolingSo the bones grow weak, the scent looks bleakIt may sound strange but it's far from uniqueJust another case of couch obesityPick yourself up boy, find some dignityChocolate bars, la la la's, no noNo no no no thank youHypnotised (TV)Hypnotised (HD)Hypnotised (3G)Hypnotised dribblingHypnotised (TV)Hypnotised (HD)Hypnotised (3G)Spending time eating junkfood
Слова и текст песни Slaves - Hypnotised принадлежит его авторам.

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