Текст песни Sleep Waker - Bitter

Blank face, no backbone Clear your throat before the light runs out Step back, people walk out The urge to live beats my urge to relapse No headspace saved for me Back in the room I leave no space for the repetition I’m f*cking done with you The way you crawl into my brain makes me f*cking... Get out, get out! Headspace Blank face staring at me I’m not the one you want or the one you need Back to basics I’m the catalyst My life’s a foot in my mouth But I’m living it But I’m living it I’m not the man I used to be Same face with a different name I’m tired of turning to the substance that took everything What am I doing This isn’t me In my mind I see a better picture with a better life I wish hallucinogens in my brain wouldn’t make me feel alive Headspace
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