Текст песни Sleep Waker - Hell

Give it up - facade, my fake face Another mask added up to another mistake I guess I’m giving in, I can’t find a purpose Replace- erase me It’s not worth it if happy I’m sorry, so sorry, apologizing too much so hate me Breathe slow with time, it’s pushing me from side to side I keep spinning, eyes blurring, slow down Breaking down the pain. I can’t take this anxiety I don’t think I can take this anymore The eyes on me are rolling back melting the floor I’m falling down this heart attack It’s always more, there’s always more I can’t take it, I’m done Still can’t find my backbone I guess I’m on my own Reaper, hold me down Keeping up with the lies we’ve told And these hollow words we make to fill our molds The fake faces we create to keep ourselves safe We all know we’re alone. We’re all alone In the end, we know we all die alone I can’t find the point in waiting We’re giving in Back down. The fault line is coming out Falling down we’re losing our foothold Nothing saving me from this hell Anxiety, call out to me The mask I’m living in, just lies and pointless sin
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