Текст песни Sleeping At Last - Chandeliers

When all of the pieces alignWhen the balance is clearly definedWe'll sigh and we'll settle downFor the first timeBut held in museum displayTime pulls us further awayAnd when we rebuild itAll of the details fadeInto the tideWhere the sun fills our eyesOnly silhouettesWill remain in the placeWhere our rare bird of grace appearedIn our pale imperfect lightOur palms will stabilizeAnd your brightnessWill close our heavy eyesAnd we'll dream with youWe'll dream with you

When we awake, we are leftWith the eggshells inside of the nestAnd the promise that one day soonIt will come back to us...When we reach into the nightWhere the water will riseYour wings will unbendIn your brilliant displayAll our worries will wash away.On pale, imperfect eyesChandeliers rely...And the brightness willWeave lace out of lightWhen we dream of youIn our pale, imperfect lightOur palms will stabilizeAnd the brightnessWill close our heavy eyesWhen we dream of youWe'll dream with you
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