Текст песни Sleeping At Last - Overture III / Awake

So what do I do now?

Sunrise, I'll set it into motion
Pick up right where I left off
I'll make up for all the time I've lost
Okay, maybe not

Daybreak, I'll make amends
For yesterday's 24 failed attempts
Now I'm afraid I'll lose my way
Before another day ends

Today, I'll survive
Tomorrow, I'll make sense of my life

It's just a matter of time
Our stories will keep us alive
It's just a matter of time

Midday, I've grown a little restless
I set sail, searching for more
But the strength of the sea is tamed by the shore

Someday, we'll build a lighthouse
Our sacred ground will cast out any doubt
We'll feel so sure about our place in this mystery

God knows, I'll need guarantees
Certain certainties and concrete science
Please uncover my eyes
As the future unfolds

It's getting late, I'm losing heart

Maps are useless in the dark

New lines on my face
Honour every step of the way
No blade of grass is out of place

Sunset, it dawns on me
Maybe it's all necessary
The holding on, the letting go
Now take a deep breath
Let's get some rest

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