Текст песни Smash!! - The One To Cry

Everybody's searching, Everybody's looking for. Something to believe in Something more. Well baby I know the pain. That you go through So let me be the arms that you can run to Far away from all the things that hurt you [Chorus:] Whenever you be in the sky Feel like you live a lie And your world is a broken dream Don't lose your faith in love Baby I'll be enough When you don't have the strength in your eyes I'll be the one to cry. You are my universe My atmosphere The reason I breathe in I breathe out Why I'm here I don't wanna see you sad I don't wanna see you blue So I will gladly go into the darkness Just to take the place of where your heart is [Chorus] Trust me I will keep you safe Baby I will show you the way. [Chorus]
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