Текст песни Snoop Dogg - Lodi Dodi

Yeah, gotta say what's up to my nigga Slick Rick,For those who don't like it, eat a dick!But for those who with me, sing that shit,As it go a little something like this.Lodi-dodi, we likes to party,We don't cause trouble, we don't bother nobody,We're just some niggas who're on the mic,And when we rock up on the mic, we rock the mic right.For all my doggs keepin' y'all in health,Just to see you smile and enjoy yourself,‘Cause it's cool when you cause the cozy conditioningWhich we create ‘cause that's our mission.So listen close to what we sayBecause this types of shit happens every day.I woke up around 10 o'clock in the morning,I gave myself a stretch-up, a morning yawn, andWent to the bathroom to wash up,I threw some soap on my face and put my hands up on a cup,And said, "Um, mirror, mirror, on the wall,Who is the top dog of them all?"There was a ruffle-duffle, five minutes it lasted,The mirror said, "You are, you conceited bastard!"Well, that's true! That's why we never have no beef,So I slipped on my khakis and my Gold Leaf,Used Oil of Olay ‘cause my skin gets pale,And then I got the file, for my fingernails.I'm true to the style on my behalf,I put some bubbles in the tub so I can take a bubble bath,Clean, dry was my body and hair,I threw on my brand new doggy underwear.For all the bitches I might take homeI got the Johnson's Baby Powder and Cool Water cologne,Now I'm fresh, dressed, like a million bucks,Threw on my white socks, with my all-blue Chucks.Stepped out the house, stopped short, "Oh no!"I went back in, I forgot my indo!Then I dillydally, I ran through an alley,I bumped into this smoker named Sally from the Valley.This was a girl playin' hard-to-getSo I said "What's wrong?" ‘cause she looked upsetShe said, [Nancy Fletcher:]

"It's all because of you, I'm feeling sad and blue,You went away, now my life is filled with rainy days.I love you so, how much you'll never know,‘Cause you took your dope away from me."Damn, now what was I to do?She's cryin' over me and she was feelin' blue,I said, "Um, don't cry, dry your eye,And here comes your mother with those two little guys"Her mean mother steps, then says to me "Hi!"Decked Sally in the face and punched her in the eye,Punched her in the belly and stepped on her feet,Slammed the child on the hard concrete.The bitch was strong, the kids was gone,Something was wrong, I said, "What was goin' on?"I tried to break it up, I said, "Stop it, just leave her!"She said, "If I can't smoke none, she can't either!"She grabbed me closely by my socks,So I broke the hell out, and I grabbed my sack of rocks,But, um, they gave chase, they caught up quick,They started crying on my shoes and grabbin' my dickAnd sayin',"Why don't you give me a playSo we can break it down the Long Beach way?And if you give me that okay,I'll give you all my love today.Doggy, Doggy, Doggy, can't you see?Somehow your words just hypnotize me,And I just love your jazzy ways,Doggy Dogg, your love is here to stay."And on, and on, and on she kept goin',The bitch been around before my mother born!I said, "Cheer up!" and I gave her a hitI said, "You can't have me, I'm too young for you, bitch!"She said, "No, you're not!" then she starts cryin'I says, "I'm 19", she says, "Stop lyin'!"I says, "I am, go ask my mother,And with your wrinkled pussy, I can't be your lover"Yeah, uh, tick-tock, ya don't stop!And to the, uh, tick-tock, and ya don't quit!Yeah, and ya, tick-tock, ya don't stop!And to the, uh, tick-tock, and ya don't quit,Biatch!
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