Текст песни Spite - Drown Me

I trapped myself here with all eyes locked on me Except for the ones I adore (that I adore) I can't speak, I lash out Find me convulsing on the fucking floor Stare at the wall and strain until my head explodes 'Cause no ones coming through that fucking door Fuck No, God dammit, no! (No!) Don't give a fuck how you're feeling (No!) Don't give a fuck about what you have to say Don't care if someone has it worse than me Tomorrow does not hold a better day I'll do whatever it takes to make you look at me that way again (Just look at me) To make you lost in me like I'm lost in you I'll do whatever it fucking takes To ruin you, to ruin you To haunt you, to haunt you To make you lesser, lesser

To break you the fuck down Irrelevant, isolate Last night I put my belt around my neck But I'm still here, still a fucking wreck I guess I'm just selfish I needed something permanent I'll no longer be degraded I'll just decompose (decompose) Terrible memories in once wonderful places I can't seem to find the the beauty in anything anymore Drown me in the ocean you hold in your eyes Drown me Drown me, fucker Drown me Yeah this is how I'll fucking die Hold my head under wet lying lips Kiss me goodbye (goodbye) Kiss me goodbye
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