Текст песни Spite - IED

Spite cult motherfucker! I've made plans for the end (this is the end) I'm cutting all my ties (I am the end) Feel all hearts collapse in my own hands I am the earths demise Motherfucker Everybody wants something from me No respect they just take everything I want to squeeze their eyes out I wanna squeeze their eyes out Fuck

Stay fucking angry Misery, misery Get the fuck away from me Act on impulse Pissed off and violent I'm taking this out on you Push my thumbs deep into your eyes I can feel your brains (I'm not insane) Oozing in my hands (I'm not insane) I want to eat your brains (I'm not insane) I want to break your fucking face And now I sit here with a mans whole life buried underneath my finger nail And now I sit here picking his memories from between my teeth And there's nothing wrong with me There's nothing
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