Текст песни Spite - Kill Or Be Killed

It's kill or be fucking killed Yeah Give it up Yeah Exhausted from pathetic fucking try-hards disgracing the hustle A bunch of narcissistic look-at-me's false claiming the rulers throne Do you have a single thing to offer that's not a trend Or that has not been done before? Another complaint over saturating my home You had made yourself a sheep Yeah, these fuckers always want to be a victim So come on let's put their blood onto the table I would rather lead the pack of wolves Weed out the weak let them make our bellies full It's kill or be fucking killed No room to inhale Leave nothing for you scavenger fucks I am not flattered I am honestly fucking insulted So fuck off I am king of this jungle and I sentence you to death I am leader of this pack and we are hunting We are aiming for your fucking neck Carefully crafted social personas Do you even know who the fuck you are? Another no one trying to get a play at my game Fuck out of my face you're entitled to nothing People pleasers, ass kissers, and fucking leeches Are not welcome in this cult We are all-seeing, soul-eating, fear-nothing beings Walk with me This is the outsiders' rise Let the weak ones all die
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