Текст песни Steely Dan - Lunch with Gina

That must be her again She's leaning on my bell That cold psychotic ring The one I know so well So I'm nailed to the floor in the no-option zone There's about zero chance she'll give up and go home This endless afternoon It started on the day I met her Lunch with Gina is forever She's coming 'round the corner Her body's just a blur I peel out like The Flash It don't mean boo to her So I duck into Nino's -- she's barred from the place The minute I walk out she's right in my face She's got nothing but time No use in trying to be clever Lunch with Gina is forever Now I'm in my apartment The blinds down the lights out The phone rings God help me There's nobody home I crouch on the carpet Not breathing just being Like meat on the bone I'm in a cozy booth Maybe my watch is fast Another Tanqueray I'll wait 'til twenty past I'm about to go postal when she waltzes in I guess she's a knockout -- hey where have I been? The waiter never comes God knows the service could be better Lunch with Gina is forever Coffee and a kiss Maybe later maybe never Lunch with Gina...
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