Текст песни Stereophonics - All in one night

One o'clock in the morningAnd I'm leaving from the clubMy friends are having a partyKind of feel I've had enoughAt two o'clock in the morningSure I'm at their party houseI meet the roommate getting some waterShe got a baby in her stomachThree o'clock in the morningWe hear a scream above the soundsLooks like the baby in her bellyThinks it's time to come on outFour o'clock in the morningI'm driving all over the roadI swerve a dog on the high streetAnd crash into the postShe can't wait any longer

I got to help her come into the worldThe police try to arrest usBut then they see the baby girlFive o'clock in the morningI'm drinking coffee on the wardI take a walk in to see herTells me 'bout the dad took offAll in one nightAll in one nightSix o'clock in the morningAnd now we're twenty-two months alongShe asks me to be the daddyAnd get married when it snowsAll in one nightAll in one nightAll in one nightAll in one night, one nightAll in one night
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