Текст песни Steve Aoki - Noble Gas

[Intro: Bill Nye] Some people want to go live on Mars You don't wanna live on Mars You wanna explore Mars If we were to discover evidence of life on Mars It would change the course of human history It would be like Copernicus discovering That the Earth goes around the sun It would be like Galileo showing that The moon is not a perfect circle Moon's full of craters So along with the many other scientific discoveries That humans have made We found out that atoms hook together to make molecules Some atoms don't hook together They don't, they don't interact with other atoms And these are what we call the noble elements, or the noble gases You know what the future is? Future is neon Atomic number ten, it's a neon future [Break] [Outro: Bill Nye] Atomic number ten, it's a neon future It's a neon future
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