Текст песни Steve Earle - Justice in Ontario

Oh you who hail from OntarioKnow the tale of the Donnelly's OhDied at the hands of a mob that nightEvery child and man by the oil torch lightJim Donnelly was no angel sureBut they burned his barn, broke down the doorWell the children criedwhile they killed old JimThen they killed his wife,then they turned on themNo judge, no jury, no hangman,no justice in OntarioA hundred years or more have turnedAnd you always hear how much we've learnedWella man lay dead in a Port Hope barAnd the blood ran red on a hardwood floorAnd the big men ran through the nearest doorOnly one man knew what had happened for sureWell one and allwore the outlaws' brandAnd the big bikes roaredthrough the Great NorthlandWhen you live on the edge of the lawYou know, justice in OntarioBlue smoke still hung in the air

No one spokewhen the cops got thereWell the local constable made the callSend us Corporal Terry HallThey all sang a different tuneWhen Corporal Hall walked in the roomWith his picture book and a list of namesOne by one the witnesses cameAnd they told him what he wanted to knowJustice in OntarioThe provincial cops searched far and wideAnd the outlaws ran but they could not hideAnd they brought em in every single oneSave the manwho actually fired the gunIt was down in London,they were triedAnd the guilty man stood free outsideWhen he took the stand to pay his debtThe judge was blind and the jury deafIn Kingston Townthey're locked up stillWhen the sun goes down and the air is chillYou could swear you heardJim Donnelly's ghost cry"Justice In Ontario"
Слова и текст песни Steve Earle - Justice in Ontario принадлежит его авторам.

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