Текст песни Steven Wilson - Refuge

Here in the wreckageThe winter is hardI sleep in the same clothesThat I drag through the mudAnd if you ask meNothing's changedThere's nowhere else I can goSo I stayWe're writhing ratsWe make beds in the strawAnd then we build housesPaint our names on the doorAnd if you ask me againIs this life?I don't see I have a choiceBut I still smileAnd bide my timeI who have no rootsAnd nowhere to go

And as for the futureWell I really don't knowBut if you ask meI will nodBut if you ask me...[x2]Here I amMy dear wifeAnd my children of GodThe borders were already drawn for usHold on to lifeIn this refuge of dirtAnd search for a place you can breathe againIt's not a crimeI'd love to see you againSometime soonBut will you give back to me nowWhat you stole?
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