Текст песни Struts, the - Put your money on me

It's true, maybe I sleep 'til noon for breakfast, I have a little smoke then I get up and go. And yes, I'm always 2 hours late for work babe, It's hard being a slave to your body and soul. You know I'm only bragging, Boss is always nagging, My arse is dragging, but they don't know. You think I kind of mess around, But I'll never let you down, So have some faith I'm sticking around, Sticking around. I bet your body's so sweet (oh yeah), So roll your dice to my feet (oh yeah), We're winning when our eyes meet (oh yeah), You got the hand I can't beat (oh yeah), So put your money on me. (Put your money, baby put your money on me.) I know I've got a bad, bad reputation, I'm not afraid to look a girl right in the eye. And so I'll tell you for your information Just know I'm not that kind of guy. Let's start a revolution, This ain't no illusion, You're the solution to turn me around. So yeah I like to flirt girl, Don't forget that you're my world, So keep the faith; I'm sticking around. Sticking around!
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