Текст песни Subtact - Burden

[Verse 1:] This is enough now, says the shape of your brow The salts on your cheeks and the way that you're lookin' down I know that you know why you were not the first From the depths of my heart, I really hope that you're the last [Pre-Chorus:] I know this means more than the truth we have Had I not held on to the truth for so long... What should have been a simple yes or no For you has become somethin' that you can't stop [Chorus:] Now you're carryin' the weights home Mistakes, emotions that we've not thought through And I'm sorry for the burden Of lessons I would not have without you [Verse 2:] I saw this picture long before it was drawn Does that mean I should have never walked through the bedroom door? This potion passed love, long after it was born Does that mean you could live on without the cure? [Pre-Chorus] [Chorus]
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