Текст песни Sufferer - Chapter V

If I tried to do this alone There’s no chance that I’d make it It’d bury me I depend on you You’re my home But god how it scares me to think that your patience is wearing thin Do you see it on her face, the resentment? For every time you shook her out of her sleep For every time you pushed and begged her to end it Stay with me, stay with me 'til it all passes me by I’m sorry this happens and thank you for giving me time Let me bury myself in your comfort Though I know that I’m leeching you dry Will you carry me, still call me lover Though the weight of me shows in your eyes I sense it, the increasing distance and I sense it, your exit plan forming and I sincerely fear that I’ve turned you to ice No longer your sense of warmth Stay with me, stay with me til it’s all gone You’re a shelter from storms no one sees as they’re passing And you’ve weathered me silent and thankless Never asking Patience is the only word that I seem to forget Any lesson learned is lost in the process of living in... How many times will you allow me to cut you down? Unintentional incisions bleed you dry of your time Are you wasting your life with me? Pull out my eyes Great winding stairways leading to nothing built upon something I thought would change All I need is you Please leave me here
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