Текст песни Survivor - First Night

We will remember this first night forever After all the songs fade away And the stage fades to gray And we will remember this first night together We'll recall the things that we said All the foolish dreams in our head On the night we met I'm searching your eyes Have I seen you somewhere You're filling my thoughts with a strange intrigue I rivet my glance to your every movement I got a notion your love's in a whole different league Tell me your name, what's your persuasion

Your first impression of this whole occasion *And this night shall be the first night And first nights were made for love I can taste the action in the air tonight Hearts are poundin' as the sparks ignite And this night shall be remembered Long after the music's gone And we'll reminisce on the things we said And we'll fall in love again* In the air I can sense a strong attraction Emotions run wild--are we on the verge? We got a hot-line to satisfaction
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