Текст песни Survivor - I Never Stopped Loving You

From a distance I can see, the picture looks so clear to me -- It's a vantage point so few can hope to find, And patience held the key, our love our only guarantee, Our destiny to make it through the night Through the tears and through the pain, This house was built to stand the strain, Through harder times I surely can't recall, And crazy as it seems, through all we had were crazy dreams, Those hungry years I'll miss the most of all -- *Now at last, we fall together,

We've been through it all together -- Ooh, I never stopped lovin' you When the money was short And dreams were shattered Faith in love was all That pulled us through I never stopped lovin' you* I've stumbled on the way, so many nights love went astray -- At different times we each played separate fools, But love became our pride, when once we'd seen the other side -- Every highway led me back to you
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