Текст песни Survivor - I See You In Everyone

Every night, a fleeting glimpse of candlelight Chases 'cross the atmosphere -- but you're not here and I see the shape of moonlight on the cityscape But now the skyline wears a shroud I hear your voice in every crowd Listening for your footsteps in every hallway Watching for your headlights around the bend I can see you standing in every doorway *Out in the street, in every glance

I see your reflection, I fall in a trance You can't know what you have done I see you in everyone, in everyone In the night I see your eyes From every direction a different disguise Can't you see what I've become It's making me crazy, I see you in everyone* Day by day, I watch the memories slip away And traces of reality come back to me Then I see your face, somewhere in a distant place
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