Текст песни Survivor - Is This Love

I've heard talk of blind devotion Lovers through thick and thin Lives touched with real emotion Faithful 'til the bitter end Now, I must admit that the story's attractive I've lost in far too many affairs I've seen all the pain that the morning can bring I need to prove to myself This is more than a crush Can you convince me It's not just the physical rush *Is this love that I'm feelin' Is this love that's been keepin' me up all night

Is this love tha I'm feelin Is this love* So many nights in blind confusion I've walked the line of love We reach out in disillusion When one night isn't nearly enough Now, I'd like to know that for once in my life I'm sure of what tomorrow may bring I've heard all your talk, can I take it to heart Now look me straight in the eye Cause tonight is the night We've got to ask each other If the moment is right
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