Текст песни Survivor - Popular Girl

When she walks in the room, every eye in the place Turns to follow her every move She's arrived on the scene in her diamonds and jeans World class -- she's got nothing to prove It takes a long time to know her, whe gives it up a little at a time *She's gettin' what she wants She's a popular girl Settin' those hearts on fire Everybody wants to be Part of her world She's a popular girl

Such a popular girl* She walks down the street, knocks 'em dead on their feet With a casual nonchalance When she's breaking your heart, she's the state of the art With license to take what she wants It takes a hard man to hold her, she likes to get a little out of line ( * Repeat) She waits by the window, the world is her stage Each smile is her mirror in the passing parade, passing parade
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