Текст песни Survivor - Slander

The word is out -- heads are talkin' And just like a fire ragin' wild in the night, The rumors hot, the room is rockin', It's out of control, too vicious to fight Two lovers split -- a heart is shattered And out of revenge it steals through the night, Making sure the lies are scattered To every border of this town tonight The word's on the street, you call it truth, I call it slander, Times are tough, talk is cheap -- Soon they'll talk about you -- Slander

The jury splits -- undecided, They're searching for clues, My live in their hands The hour has come, they stand divided, The future shall judge the good and the bad And now, there's talk on the street -- I call it slander, I will fight this somehow Revenge will be sweet Slander -- like a knife in my heart -- Slander Slander -- gonna keep us apart -- Slander Slander ЁC thereЎЇs talk on the street
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