Текст песни Survivor - Summer Nights

Girl it always seems about September ThatЎЇs the time, again I remember the lights And all the fun of those summer nights Young and innocent and livinЎЇ fast DidnЎЇt know enough to know That a summer love canЎЇt last CanЎЇt last *(Do you remember those) Summer nights all night DancinЎЇ in the light of love (DancinЎЇ in the light of love) Summer nights so right

CouldnЎЇt last beyond September Summer nights all night LivinЎЇ for your love, Dreamin only of You and summer nights* I remember playinЎЇ by the shoreline Before the fall when we had it all at our fingertips BuildinЎЇ castles in the driftinЎЇ sand Raced the waves as they ran to the shore But the tides were turned for ever more And the things we planned Were castles made of sand
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