Текст песни Swallow The Sun - Lights on the lake

"Father, why did you drown me here? In these waters And father, why did you leave me here? In deep waters Father, it's getting darker here as the years pass And father, I'm the whispers on the lake Lights on water" My child, I carry the burden of sorrow with your soul The songs you gently sing to me But the love was never stronger than the grief of your unholy price I curse you forever in your watery grave, you passenger of evil For taking her away from me The blood of your arrival, cutting knives and shadows A ceremony of pain

Through living flesh to the dead, both in my bloody hands But only one cried In blazing fury I carried you through the woods While the trees tried to stop me in horror Your cry echoed on the lake As I laid you down on the boat "The tears made circles on the still water The circles made the waves The waves raised the tide and made the rain fall Raised the lights on the lake" Through the mist, further on the lake In the eye of still water Into the deepest pit you silently fell Slowly in the throat of dark water
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