Текст песни Swallow The Sun - Songs from the north

Oh Mother North, eyes like blue sapphires I'm lost in your wilderness, in your arms From your love my heart has been forged Eternal nights, to ever-light To winter's throne "Niin laulut Pohjolan kun sammuu, hiipuu hiljaa Hallatar kun viljaa lyö, ja yö tuo kuninkaan tuon talven maan Niin routaan kaivtaan, lepoon omaan maan Ja laulut Pohjolan mukaan vain saan" Oh Mother North, lakes like blue sapphires Under your skies, into the wild I drown my sorrows

At the midnight hour of sacred light The magic of these woods, so alive The shadows of the giants in a silvery dark light From the snowy trees ahead And their slow march closer to the flaming night skies To touch the tail of fire But their roots hold the secrets, these melodies Echoes from the past, nothing here will last But the songs from your journey You will bury with your heart.
Слова и текст песни Swallow The Sun - Songs from the north принадлежит его авторам.

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